Company Product Line Card

As a full-service design engineering, manufacturing, automation, and industrial services company, at IMGCO we serve a broad customer base and have the capacity to understand the production requirements of numerous industry verticals. With our wide-ranging service capabilities, we have a strong history of implementing industrial systems that help clients resolve manufacturing issues, overcome production problems, lower operational costs, and improve the quality of their process or products. We have extensive experience with integrating automated conveying and package handling machinery and a large portfolio of past projects that involve everything from the design and build of custom equipment to the installation of plant-wide automation systems.

We provide total system integration that encompasses all of our four dedicated service groups, or we can step in at any point in the development, implementation, or support cycle. With our multi-disciplined engineering team working in close collaboration with our automation group, we can manage all aspects of the structural and mechanical design of electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic industrial systems while also handling all programming, wiring, and panel fabrication. Our manufacturing group has the skills and equipment to build complex assemblies and weldments that exhibit the highest degree of quality while our industrial services group manages every aspect of installation, maintenance, and support.

As diligent, disciplined, and proactive project managers, we complete all projects on schedule. We keep direct lines of communication open at all times and with our team-based approach and problem-solving capabilities, we provide intelligent, cost-saving solutions that drive profitability.