Design Engineering

IMGCO’s world-class design engineering team has extensive experience working on a wide range of automation projects, from additions of custom equipment to existing lines to plant-wide retrofits and modernization.

Our equipment design and engineering team works with you to understand your specifications and design a complete system — from simple structural design services and planning, to complete production line designs and detailing. Our integrated solutions include expert structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering and design.

Design Engineering

Multi-Level Chute Engineering

Designing for Automated Systems

Utilizing AutoCAD and other 2D and 3D design tools, our team can design a range of systems for better warehouse efficiency. From sensors and readers to control arms, our designs eliminate the need for basic or repetitive tasks and streamline the throughput of your workplace. Designing automated systems for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, airports and other infrastructures requires an understanding of your goals. IMG designers take the time to learn about your installation needs and challenges. No two automated systems are alike for any work environment, and we’ll work with your facility personnel to ensure the system’s components are properly integrated and provide maximum efficiency. Best of all, our in-depth design engineering experience ensures smoother implementation, maximizes output, keeps operating costs down, and primes system layouts for future expansion.


IMG’s design engineering team utilizes a specialized value engineering framework to specify equipment, features, and materials that accommodate the specific needs of your operation, including reliability, functionality, safety, and quality, and at the lowest lifecycle cost possible. Engineers use 3D modeling software to prepare unique specifications and design drawings for electrical layouts, mechanical systems, data communication systems, and automation control. IMG’s equipment design engineering team works in conjunction with our automation, manufacturing, and industrial services groups to integrate high-tech robotic systems, manual and automated material handling and conveying systems, and to provide specification, upgrade or modification services for PLC systems.

Our Process

With design automation, our engineers work smarter and reduce the time they spend on engineering activities. More efficient work processes mean faster setup times of customers’ automation systems. For example, we have helped numerous eCommerce retailers automate and refine their distribution centers to streamline order processing and meet increasing demand. Our process is as follows:

  • Analyze system requirements to address specific challenges, including same-day shipping, returns processing, and orders that must be sourced from multiple locations.
  • Work with the client’s team to examine and map the current distribution process.
  • Identify areas for improvement, eliminate unnecessary steps, and offer tailored solutions down to the automation component(s) to be used.
  • Address common issues pertaining to quality, repeatability, and safety to ensure the systems we put in place provide highly standardized, repeatable, and measurable processes.
  • Offer technical instruction in all relevant maintenance procedures, enabling users to operate any equipment that we provide safely and effectively.

Design Engineering with IMG

From entirely new systems to retrofits and upgrades, we are the single-source solution for your equipment design and engineering needs. We create highly effective custom-tailored solutions, and only provide systems that will offer a demonstrable ROI for your organization. To learn more about our equipment design engineering and design automation services, please contact us.