Automation Systems

The development and implementation of automation solutions requires a thorough understanding of each process and how it impacts the larger system.

IMGCO’s automation group provides services to companies seeking to implement automation systems for a wide range of production equipment, including conveyors and package handling equipment.

Automation Equipment

Automation Systems

Utilizing our automation group’s mechanical and engineering expertise in combination with our in-house fabrication capabilities allows companies to attain the highest levels of productivity through more efficient utilization of existing space and resources.

Benefits of Automation Systems

Automation offers a way for manufacturers, distributors, and package handlers to improve their competitiveness in a world where stiff competition is the norm. End-to-end automation enables the following benefits:

  • Increased capacity Automated equipment can run for longer periods, and with little impact on maintenance.
  • Lower production costs Efficient automation systems mean minimal waste generation, lower power consumption, and optimized processes.
  • Improved workplace safety Automating dangerous or difficult tasks creates a safer environment for workers. The lower number of accidents in the workplace translates to a positive bottom line impact.
  • Greater productivity Workers don’t waste time on menial tasks, leaving machines to accomplish tedious tasks such as moving packages from point A to point B.
  • Continuous improvement Facility managers and engineers are empowered to refine processes and address areas for improvement.


IMG can map out your current production processes, identify bottlenecks and quality issues, and recommend improvements. IMG guarantees exceptionally high-quality systems that will:

  • Have an immediate impact on your profitability
  • Provide rapid return on investment via a comprehensive array of engineering and fabrication services
  • Offer complete, turn-key solutions that address a wide range of automation needs

IMG designs, manufactures, and installs the appropriate automation systems that will meet all of your unique requirements and provide you with significant operational improvements. We offer the following types of systems to improve conveyors and/or package handling in any application:

  • Electronic systems offer the highest precision control
  • Pneumatic systems are best for simple production processes
  • Hydraulic systems are ideal for high-force applications

Automation Systems from IMG

With our dedicated automation team’s technical expertise and disciplined project management, IMG delivers powerful automation solutions, from conveyor and package handling systems all the way up to full plant automation systems. Our solutions incorporate robust control system components and robotics sourced from leading companies in industrial automation. IMG operates a fully-equipped, UL 508A-certified industrial panel shop, and we also provide AutoCAD-based wiring diagrams and layout drawings at the start of every project. We work with companies of all sizes to help them accomplish their goals for higher productivity and increased performance. To learn more about our automation group, or to schedule a consultation and determine how we can streamline your process and improve your bottom line, contact us today.