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Manufacturing Group

As part of our unified platform of industrial services, IMG offers extensive metal fabrication capabilities. We build complex assemblies and weldments that exhibit an exceptional degree of precision workmanship. Our manufacturing staff works in conjunction with our design engineering, automation, industrial services groups to provide end-to-end solutions for a broad range of systems and equipment. With our team-based approach and seamless transition from design engineering through to fabrication, welding, and assembly, we provide customers with precision, quality, and value.

Our facility incorporates a well-equipped fabrication and machine shop. With equipment assets that include CNC machining centers, plasma cutters, forming and rolling machinery, and MIG, TIG, and stick welding stations, we have the ability to manage projects that involve building rugged package handling and conveying systems, automation equipment, complex machinery, spare parts, and subassemblies for maintenance and overhaul. As a quality-oriented, ISO 9001 compliant company, our welders are AWS certified, and we continually monitor quality to guarantee an uncompromising degree of accuracy and integrity.

By combining detailed project management with the superior workmanship of our manufacturing group, all of our projects are completed on schedule and conform to the highest quality standards. As creative thinkers and problem-solvers, our manufacturing group has the ability to overcome any challenges that may arise. We have experience in a diversity of industrial sectors and welcome all inquiries. Contact us directly to learn more about our manufacturing group or to discuss your project.

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