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Design Engineering
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As a premier industrial services and automation company, at IMG our staff includes a world-class team of design engineers qualified to oversee projects that involve everything from new custom equipment to a whole-plant modernization. Our design engineering services provide full support for planning, engineering, modifying, or upgrading plant systems and equipment and with our extensive knowledge across all engineering disciplines, we provide intelligent solutions that deliver maximum efficiency and accelerated return on investment. With the experience that extends to a broad range of industries and applications, we work at a fast pace in a collaborative environment to engineer equipment and systems that promote operational excellence.

We develop integrated solutions that encompass all aspects of structural, mechanical, and electrical design. Within a value engineering framework, we specify features, equipment, and materials that provide the required functionality, reliability, quality, and safety at the lowest possible lifecycle cost. Leveraging advanced 3D modeling software, we prepare design drawings and specifications for all mechanical systems, electrical layout, automation control, and data communication systems. Our capabilities include integration of high-tech robotic systems, manual and automated material handling and conveying systems, and the specification, upgrade or modification of PLC systems.

From entirely new systems to retrofits and upgrades, we have the flexibility to act as a single-source solution for equipment design and engineering. Our design engineering services also provide technical knowledge in all aspects of maintenance to ensure operators have the tools they need to operate equipment safely, optimize performance, and ensure reliability and availability. For more information about our design engineering services or to schedule a consultation, contact us directly.